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George Stoffa


Purchasing and Maintaining your RV

"You don't know what you don't know."

Whether it is a motor home, 5th wheel, or travel trailer, there are standardized items that need to be inspected. For example:

 * Does the RV refrigerator work properly?

 *  The AC units?

 *  Water heater?

 * Is the propane gas system sound?

 * How old are the tires?

 * Does the roof leak?

 Do you know how to properly check these systems?  Do you know what other areas should be checked?

As a certified NRVIA inspector, I will perform a thorough inspection and provide a detailed report - just as if you had a home inspection.  (e.g.,  6-8 hour inspection for a motor home, with a 50-70 page report and over 50 photos)


Pre-Purchase Inspections,

Post Purchase Walk Throughs

Let us remove the fear and doubt from your new or used RV purchase experience.  A thorough NRVIA inspection gives you a "health of the RV" report.   Our 2-3 hour post purchase walk through will give you peace of mind, learning the operation and care of your RV.   (Lets' face it, after signing the paperwork, and getting the 20 minute demo with the salesman, are you really going to remember all you need to know?)


Repairs,  Preventive Maintenance

Something not operating as it should? Have you inspected the roof/ AC lately? RVs experience normal wear and tear just traveling down the road. If you prefer not to perform basic repairs and preventive maintenance yourself, rely on our experience and training.

water heater.jpg

Water heater

We will check the following:

     *  Operates on all sources

     *  Unit is sealed to prevent fumes entering coach

     * Burner flame is clean and set properly

     * Pressure relief valve is intact

     * Signs of leakage or repair


Electric panel

We will check the following:

     *  Signs of damage or repair

      *  Wires are properly identified 

     *  Wire connections are tight and secure



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We are available to perform inspections and repairs in the Gainesville, and north central Florida area. 

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Catering to your needs

Inspections, Preventive Maintenance, Repairs

As full time RVers, we have learned the complexities of purchasing and maintaining RVs.  Having talked with other RVers, we've become aware that many buyers may not know what to really look for when buying an new or used RV.

For that reason, I became certified through the National RV Inspector's Association to perform pre-purchase RV inspections, to help others with the buying process.


Please let us know how we can help you with:

Pre-purchase inspections

Post-purchase walk through

Fluid Analysis

Preventive Maintenance


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Customized service for your RV care


Anyone who is considering buying a new or used RV, or selling must consider the benefits of an RV inspection.
If you are buying a used RV, a pre-purchase inspection provides you with an unbiased report of the condition

of the equipment at the time of inspection.  Inspection of a new RV provides the same unbiased report, assuring everything is in working order before leaving the dealership.

  If you are the seller, it provides you with a qualified assessment to justify the price you are asking.

Others who can benefit from an inspection include: lenders, insurers, and extended service agreement providers.

Think "Home Inspection" - but for an RV.  An independent inspection provides an unbiased assessment by a individual who has no financial interest in the outcome of the inspection.

At its best, It is a detailed investigation of the current condition of the RV by a an inspector who has been trained and certified in the business.
A report from a certified inspector covers all RV systems, as well as any life safety issues in the RV. Photos included provide confirmation of the findings.

The RV industry is experiencing a tremendous growth period. Concerns about new RV quality as well as the actual condition of used RVs justify the need for pre-purchase inspections.  
The RV inspector will provide purchasing peace of mind, avoiding unexpected dangerous conditions and costly repairs.  Post- purchase inspections and walk throughs are available to provide assurance the RV is safe and ready for your adventure.


I am an inspector certified through the National Recreational Vehicle Inspectors Association. The NRVIA is a membership organization providing certification and credentials for professional recreational vehicle inspectors.

NRVIA’s mission is "to provide credibility through the testing and awarding of credentials to qualified inspectors. NRVIA Inspector members are required to follow specific Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics that will ensure the consumer will receive an inspection of the highest quality and caliber."

As an NRVIA Certified Inspector, be assured you will receive a professional, standardized, and thorough inspection of your RV equipment.


I don’t usually take the time to write reviews, but I received such outstanding service from George, I felt I had to make the time. I’m a first-time RV buyer and rather uninformed. George spent an enormous amount of time on the phone with me before I hired him, going through the many points of inspection and explaining why they were important. But what impressed me the most is there were inspection points he indicated I could do without, in my specific case, saving me money. How refreshing!
He kept in close communication with me before, during and after the inspection, by phone, text and email, which was extremely important to me since I am out of state and was counting 100% on his inspection to make my purchase decision.
I not only came out with a great inspection report but feel much more educated about the complicated systems in the RV.
I researched and spoke with two other inspectors and neither compared to George’s patience and professionalism. I recommend him without hesitation! JH

Jodi H


“Working with George and Custom Care RV Service was a pleasure. He is both professional and personable. Before the inspection, he made sure we fully understood what work he would be doing and made sure to answer all our questions. He spent hours looking at every detail of the RV we were considering for purchase. After the inspection, George quickly finalized our report which allowed us to immediately start negotiations with the dealership. He followed up after the inspection to see if we had any additional questions and to see how the purchase went. We were happy to report that his inspection helped us save thousands on the used RV we purchased and gave us a clear picture of the work we needed to do once we took delivery.

George’s work gave us the confidence we needed to make an informed buying decision. We will definitely work with Custom Care RV Service in the future. Thank you, George, for the incredible work!”

Shane G


We hired George and his wife to do a pre-purchase inspection on a 3-year-old 5th wheel that we were planning to buy from a private party. We’ve only been full-timing for 15 months, and only in a small Class C Motorhome, never a trailer. Even though we had looked the trailer over ourselves, we felt that we didn’t have the necessary experience or knowledge to make a truly informed decision about whether or not the trailer and its systems would function properly and more importantly, if it was safe to live in and tow down the road. When we first spoke by phone, George explained in detail what he would and would not be inspecting, and what the process would entail for both us as buyers and for the seller. He and his wife were extremely professional and treated us with respect and courtesy, answering our questions and making sure that all our concerns were addressed. George has a great sense of humor, and made the hours-long inspection a fun, educational experience for both us and the seller. The final report that he delivered gave us all the information we needed to feel confident in our decision to buy this rig, and also provided us with a checklist of maintenance items that we can address after the purchase. We highly recommend George and his wife if you’re ever in need of a quality RV inspection. It was money well spent!

Suzanne H


 As a first-time RV buyer in California considering a RV located in Texas, it was critical that I have a professional inspection done by a NRVIA level-2 inspector. George at Custom Care RV Service was perfect in all aspects of the process and exceeded my expectations. He educated me on the process and worked closely with the seller and me to complete the inspection. The report was very comprehensive and identified numerous issues that I would not have known about. The service was worth every dollar and I would absolutely hire them again and highly recommend Custom Care RV Service. 
– Shafath S


“My wife & I just finished reading over the entire report… we were very impressed by the specific attention to detail that was incorporated in the report… excellent job, thank you again… I forwarded the summary items you helped assemble, thank you again for putting that together for me in such short notice, to dealership… I feel confident that ALL the items of concern will be addressed by the time we fly in to pick up the RV … We are interested to know if we could hire you to verify all items identified in the report were addressed on the final walk-thru with us…thank you again”

Angelo M


 We have never owned an RV and know absolutely nothing about them. We purchased a nearly new 37’ Newmar from an individual in Michigan and we live in Kansas. Quite a leap of faith to take a chance on a motorized home 1,000 miles away from home and knowing nothing about them. Thankfully we found George. We would not have even considered moving forward with this purchase without hiring someone to at lease inspect the RV for us. We got super lucky finding George. He did an incredibly thorough, detailed and thoughtful inspection and provided us with a comprehensive report that gave us a great deal of comfort. Since we got one way flights to Michigan and had to drive the RV home and make two overnight stops George was gracious enough to meet us at the first stop and give us a complete run-down of how everything works. Would not have made this purchase without him. I’ve called him several times with questions since then and he was happy to help again.  When we eventually upgrade, we will certainly be calling on George again!

Brad  B